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Using the PERT Reading practice test will help ensure strong results when you take Florida’s Post-secondary Education Readiness Test (PERT). All twenty-eight of Florida’s colleges and universities use the PERT test to assess their potential students.


The PERT Math practice test will help you practice for Florida’s Post-secondary Education Readiness Test (PERT). All twenty-eight colleges and universities in Florida use this test to determine an applicant’s level of knowledge.


The PERT Writing practice test will help prepare you for the Post-secondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) given by all twenty-eight of Florida’s colleges and universities.

About the PERT Test

Breaking down the PERT
What to expect when taking the PERT Test

The PERT test is an assessment that is used, in Florida, to analyze a student’s knowledge and abilities, and then determine how well suited they are for college programs. Many of Florida’s college programs require their applicants to take the PERT test in order to determine which students to accept. This means that success on the test is vital. Many students can benefit from a PERT practice test. It can help them improve upon the skills needed in order to pass the three part PERT test. The three parts of the test include: Math; Reading; as well as Writing. Each section is computer-adaptive, meaning that each question will get easier or harder, depending on if you are doing poorly or doing well, respectively. Calculators will not be permitted in the testing room; however, if a Math problem requires the use of a calculator, a digital calculator will appear on the screen. Each section will be made up of 30 questions. There is no time limit for the PERT test, so students can work at their own comfortable pace. We have crafted an independent PERT practice test for each one of these sections. With the aid of these tests, the test-taker is sure to improve their skills and have a better chance of passing the PERT test.


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